Birth Mother Advocate
Birth Mother Advocate
We help you find a loving family to adopt your unborn baby.

We'll help you do what's right for you and your baby


If you’re looking for a loving home for your unborn child, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Susan Ferguson and I’m a birth mother, adoptee, and adoptive parent.  

As a birth mother I know how emotional, stressful, intimidating, and scary it can be to find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy. At my office, the emotional and spiritual well being of you and your child comes first.  


My law office is dedicated to helping pregnant women who are considering adoption find a loving family of their choice to care for their unborn child, in a private, safe, open and honest environment. 

My goal is to help you find the family that is meant for you and your child. 

Unlike any other adoption agency or adoption attorney in this nation,

my office is dedicated exclusively to representing birth mothers throughout the entire adoption process,

from finding the right family, to giving birth, to finalizing a post adoption plan.