Choosing Adoption

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Adoptive Parents screened?

Yes. As part of the legal adoption process, a social worker is assigned by the County or State where the family resides to conduct a home study which includes home visits to verify that the child is provided for in a safe and loving home. A social worker must make a report to the court which is reviewed by a judge before the adoption can be finalized.

Can I place my baby for adoption without the Birth Father's consent?

If the birth father is known his consent is necessary, unless he fails to assume responsibility for the child. If a birth father does not consent or assume responsibility for the child, he will be served with a notice of paternity which most often results in a determination that his consent is not necessary since he failed to take steps to care for the child.

If the birth father is unknown, there are legal steps that can be taken to terminate his rights in court.

Can I choose my own doctor?

Yes. You are in control of your medical care, including your choice of doctor, hospital, and delivery plan. I will assist you in a hospital birth plan that is right for you and your child so that your labor and delivery goes as smoothly as possibly, and according to your desires.

What if I change my mind?

Each state has its own laws as to when parental rights are transferred to the adoptive parents. You will be advised of the law that applies to you prior to signing consent documents.

Do I choose open adoption or closed adoption?

Whether it be no contact at all, pictures, letters, or in-person visits, the agreement you make with the adoptive parents cannot be enforced by a court of law and is based on mutual trust, respect, and agreement. Every adoption experience is unique and my goal is to match you with parents who share your values and have the same ideals about post adoption contact. 

My office will always be available to act as an intermediary for future contact if that is the desire of all parties.