Birth Mother Advocate
Birth Mother Advocate
We help you find a loving family to adopt your unborn baby.

Step by Step


Contact my office from anywhere in the United States for a free consultation with me personally. I am a birth mother and licensed attorney. I will call you back within 24 hours. You will not be shifted or redirected to staff members.

If you are interested in pursuing adoption after your consultation, here's what will happen:


I will send you various questionnaires to fill out and will ask you to provide verification of your pregnancy and estimated due date. These forms will help me find the right family for you.


The next step is to visit my office in Los Angeles for a 2 day adoption session with myself, my staff, and trained adoption professionals who will walk you through the process and help to ensure that adoption is the right choice for you. If you are outside of Southern California, or reside in another state, I will fly you to Los Angeles at no cost to you.  


At this session we will determine precisely what qualities you are looking for in adoptive parents and set up a budget for your medical and living expenses. If you have medical insurance, please bring confirmation with you.


On the second day of the session I will introduce you in person to prospective adoptive parents who meet the criteria you set out and seem most compatible with your personality, desires, and wishes for you unborn child. 

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As a birth mother myself, I never believed I could find a true match by looking at generic profiles and photographs. A face to face meeting gives you and the prospective adoptive parents a chance to present yourselves as you really are before embarking on this life changing journey. I will facilitate this meeting and be with you every step of the way as your legal representative and personal advocate.

After the Match

After you have chosen a family, my office will set up a trust account with the adoptive parents to provide for your medical needs and living expenses

I will also make counseling available to you at your request and ensure that you are fully informed of all your rights and responsibilities concerning consent and relinquishment. 

I will assist you in forming a hospital birth plan that is most comfortable for you.

I will meet with you within 48 to 72 hours after delivery to discuss and sign adoption consent forms.