Birth Mother Advocate
Birth Mother Advocate
We help you find a loving family to adopt your unborn baby.

Why Choose Me?


Because of my experiences, my law practice is not simply a business, it’s personal. 
It’s not simply a career, it’s a calling.

You will not find another attorney who knows how you feel, and

I am the only adoption attorney who represents the birth parents throughout the entire process. 

Adoption agencies act as mediators between the parties and don’t really represent them.  

Adoption attorneys represent the adoptive parents. Although many adoption attorneys facilitate and mediate, they do not technically represent you, the birth mother. Instead, they arrange a one-hour consultation with your own attorney right before and after birth to sign papers.

My office will represent you throughout the entire process and empower you to find the family of your choice while ensuring all your needs are met.

How I Help

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As a birth mother, I know

how emotional, stressful, intimidating, and scary it can be to find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy. I can help you.

The trip to and from Los Angeles will be at no cost to you. I will cover the cost of lodging, meals and all transportation expenses. If you choose to move forward with the adoption process, you will meet prospective adoptive parents face to face, facilitated by me, in a private meeting.

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After you choose the family that is right for you, I will:

  • help you develop a financial plan to determine your medical needs and living expenses

  • make counseling available to you at your request

  • ensure that you are fully informed of all your rights

  • assist you in forming a hospital birth plan that is most comfortable for you

  • meet with you after delivery to discuss and sign adoption consent forms

  • assist you in post-adoption contact


At my office, the emotional and spiritual well being of you and your child comes first.